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Ride in Style, Ride with CartZilla!

Get ready to embark on the ultimate Vegas thrill ride with CartZilla. Whether you're a local or a visitor, our unique experience promises fun, excitement, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Introducing Cartzilla, the exciting, newest, thrill-ride attraction to make it’s home in the World famous Las Vegas.

This mind-blowing, eight-person, shopping cart on steroids is an unrivaled experience!

Prepare to be swept away with a rush of adrenaline as you start your adventure in this cutting-edge marvel with its 400 horsepower engine, a mesmerizing light show that illuminates the night sky, combined with a state-of-the-art sound system that pulsates with exhilarating beats.

About Us

Cartzilla's story is simple but exciting. Kurt Osburn started it all. Three years back, he took people on tours to beautiful places like Antelope Canyon in Arizona and Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah. Kurt loved showing guests around, but the trips took a lot of time, especially the drive back to Las Vegas. He thought, "Why not create a fun, local tour that's totally new for Vegas?"

Like many others, Kurt enjoyed racing shopping carts in grocery store aisles and parking lots as a kid. One day, he had a simple idea: why not mix fun cart rides with local tours? That's how Cartzilla began. But making this idea real wasn't easy. Kurt faced many challenges and made lots of mistakes along the way, but he didn't give up.

Now, Cartzilla is here and ready to change the game. It's the first of its kind here, and Kurt is already planning to make more carts. Cartzilla is on its way to becoming the top choice for fun and exciting transport in Las Vegas.


1.  Cartzilla name came from Godzilla “The King of Monsters.”

2. This shopping cart car was once a Chevy Suburban, key word once.

3. This car has a ls1 motor in it and yes it has 400 HP. Don’t ask how fast it is.

4. This car took 2 years to complete.

5. Cartzilla is the only 8 passenger street legal shopping cart vehicle!

6. Cartzilla is 10ft tall from the top handle.

7. How many grocery bags can the cart hold? Hmm, lets find out.

8. Cartzilla is the “Coolest Whip on the Strip”

Unleash the Thrill of Vegas!

Why settle for a boring limo ride when you can make a statement with CartZilla? Let everyone see where the real fun is as you zip past the glittering lights and iconic landmarks of the Las Vegas Strip.

Please sign Release of Liability Form to participate

Rules and Requirements

Keeping Everyone Safe

We know rules aren't fun but essential for everyone's safety.

Be On Time

Please come a bit early for your ride. We're often busy and want to make sure you get to ride and take photos with Cartzilla before we head out.

Sign the Waiver

For insurance reasons, you'll need to sign a waiver. We'll email it to you after you book, and you can sign it electronically. Forgot to sign? No worries; our crew will have a tablet for you when you arrive. Parents, you'll need to sign for anyone under 18.

Kids and Safety

We're all for kids having fun, but if they're 6 or under, they need to use a booster seat. We have some available. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate infants since we don't have full child seats. Sorry for any trouble this might cause.

Listen to Your Driver

Your driver is there to keep you safe. Please follow their instructions for getting in and out of the cart and during the ride. Always wear your seatbelt—it's the law in Nevada. And don't stand up while we're moving. If someone does, the driver will have to ask them to leave for safety reasons.

No Alcohol or Drugs

We can't allow alcohol, marijuana, or any other drugs on board. It's against Nevada law for our type of vehicle. It's just an hour, so maybe drink before or after your ride.

Don't Litter

Please don't throw anything out of the cart while we're moving. It's against the law, and we don't want any trouble with the police or risk losing our license.

Now, Let's Have Fun

That's enough about rules. Let's get going and enjoy the ride!

Construction of CartZilla

Ready to experience the Vegas Strip in a whole new Level?

Book your CartZilla adventure today and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sin City. Follow us on social media @cartzillaride to stay updated on the latest news and promotions. Have questions or want to learn more? Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team – we're here to make your CartZilla experience one you'll never forget.